Wellspring Clinic

Caboolture Queensland
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• Individual and Relationship Counselling • Hypnotherapy • Naturopathy • Pet healthcare


Wellspring Clinic

Counselling • Hypnotherapy • Naturopathy    

Wellbeing solutions for mind and body - Accredited practitioners 

Sharron Mackison - Over 25 years experience: Counsellor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Personal Development Coach, Approved Professional Supervisor

Wendy Watson - Over 30 years experience: Naturopath, Homoeopath, Herbalist


Individual Counselling - Get the results you'll feel good about

Helps • Anxiety • Grief and Loss • Depression • Stress

Improve Self-esteem • Self-confidence

Get over past events, or partners • Move forward in your life

Manage the impact of changes and challenges in your life

 No GP referral Required


Relationship Counselling - Conversations that make a difference 

Stop the fights, resolve relationship tension and distress

Feel warmer and closer to your partner

Make FIFO work for you and your family, instead of pushing you apart  


Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP - Fast, Lasting Change

Quit Smoking

Overcome Anxiety issues, panic

Beat Fear of Flying (and other Phobias)

Achieve Weight loss and manage over-eating

Get Motivated

Improve Academic Performance

No GP referral required


Naturopathy Herbal Medicine and Homoeopathy - Safe, Natural treatments for you and your family

Safe, Natural treatment for

• Childrens Ailments  • Women’s conditions

• Digestive Problems and food sensitivity

• Respiratory infections • colds and flu

• Support for recovery from Surgery and Injury

• Support for vitality during chemotherapy and radiation therapy

• Natural Pet healthcare solutions



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Caboolture Queensland

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