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457 Logan Road, Greenslopes, Queensland 4120, Brisbane City, Australia
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The Grooming Salon Dog Grooming & Clipping in Brisbane

Respect, Care & Love

We limit the number of dogs we have in our care each day, that way we can assure our clients that each and every dog is getting the attention, respect, care and love that they deserve.   Places are always limited so please book early!

Social Salon

We are a social salon meaning that your dog will not be locked away in a crate awaiting his turn but rather allowed to do his own thing, be that play, sleep or watch the world go by.  However on some occasions your dog may be crated for his comfort or the comfort of other dogs in the salon.

Superior Service

We are a friendly bunch and always take the time to listen to your requirements ensuring that your 4 legged friends always gets a superior service with care & kindness at all times.

Quiet Comfy Retreats

If your dog is elderly or unsociable, don’t worry, we cater for them too, we have quiet comfy retreats for them to occupy.

Stay & Play service

We also offer a *Stay & Play service for small dogs.  They can Stay & Play all day; safe in the knowledge that they are happy, socializing, safe & being well looked after.

... and so much more

For a full list of our services with prices, please see our services page.

Bath & Towel dry

A warm invigorating hydrobath including:

  • Towel Dry
  • Nails trimmed
  • Ears cleaned
  • Spritz of cologne

Bath & Blow dry

All of the above plus

  • Thorough Hand Blow Dry

Tidy Groom (Winter Groom)

This groom is ideal for dogs whose hair is at the desired length but needs a tidy up and some TLC, also great for puppy’s 1st groom

All of the above plus

  • Face trimmed & tidied
  • Feet & pads trimmed
  • Hygiene strip & bottom trimmed
  • Tail trimmed
  • Ears plucked if needed

Full Groom (The Works)

A complete make-over. This is ideal for dogs that need a certain style clipped back in, or for owners who like to have their dog’s hair at a certain length.

All of the above plus:

  • Full body clip
  • Mouth freshener

Shedding Groom

This groom is ideal for dogs that shed a lot of hair but don’t necessarily need a clip.  This groom will remove the dead hair that lies at the base of the coat, thin out the coat and reduce shedding at home. This groom comprises of

  • Everything in a Tidy Groom
  • Plus a thorough shed out by hand
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457 Logan Road, Greenslopes, Queensland 4120, Brisbane City, Australia

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