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439 High Street, Prahran, Victoria 3181, Stonnington City, Australia
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A highly creative communications agency, who specialise in Graphic Design, Website, Digital Content, Print and Environmental Design.

OID Group is a Melbourne based collective of creators, collaborators and story makers – with design at the heart. 
We are as nimble as a cheeky monkey. We put together the pieces you need to solve any or all of your marketing and communications challenges.
The brands we have worked with evidence our experience.
They are testimony to our ability to analyse, create, distribute, measure and refine with effectiveness.
From product to corporate and consumer to trade.
Above, through, below… and even over the line.
We’ll get your message across.

We believe in the art of thinking differently. Finding, building and achieving are only part of our story. It is the manner in which we make progress that is core to our ability to inspire you to understand your business purpose.

...oid is a Melbourne based specialist design team that focuses bringing your brand to life. We help you gain tangible, measurable benefits from your marketing and communications activities. Our strategic brand experience is telling. It’s how we are able to analyse, create, refine and distribute such compelling and dynamic messaging. It’s pure communication across all platforms and at every level of your business – from product to corporate, consumer to trade, above through and below the line. We call it brand activation.

Through our 19 years of experience, we have developed a diverse project listing, ranging from strategic planning, total branding design and signage solutions, to innovative creative visuals. 
We’re passionate about achieving your business results with an understanding of the right purpose in mind of why you do what you do. Nothing excites us more than when we share your vision and show you a path to growth. As a thought partner, we become personally committed to your success through what we call Fresh Thinking.

This is how we do it; we start with the end in mind and finish that way too, by thinking laterally, challenging the status quo and putting you out in the whitespace … where the magic happens.

Our specialty is to foster global strategy and help organisations big or small navigate the significant changes that typify modern international business. It is an experience that has given us a range of complementary skills: separately or in combination, we are structured to be agile and responsive to your needs. We have experience across all main communication platforms with a team that is passionate, insightful and smart.

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439 High Street, Prahran, Victoria 3181, Stonnington City, Australia

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