What Makes a Great Barter Directory?

Comprehensive listings, structured in a way to make searching and sort listing easy.

At B2B Barter we were always frustrated with other trade exchanges who offer limited information on members. in fact finding other members is  a skill most members don't really acquire. They mostly leave the searching to their trade co ordinators. Those overworked, time poor co ordinators who are often pushing their own members ahead of other suppliers who may have a better service or price.

Enter B2B Barter Directory. More information, with user ratings, reviews, maps, checklists, similar service offerings and a complete profile on the business you may be looking for.

Some of our clients find that our profile becomes the first search result for their business or service. That's because we put more into our listings with accurate multiple category listings, services, benefits, testimonials and photos. It's comparable to a 4 page website on your business.

Oh that's the other thing members love about the directory. For some of our clients it acts as a website, when they may not have one.

About B2B Barter Directory

B2B Barter is a fresh trading platform, with the strengths of traditional barter systems and none of the weaknesses. To list your business in this directory you must be a member of B2B Barter. Enjoy high visibility in searches and our superior SEO smarts for ranking your business in searches.

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