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Suite 18/21 Nicklin Way, Parrearra, Queensland 4575, Australia
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Matters Magazine owner, Vickie Magic is passionate about making a difference to business AND life here on the Sunshine Coast.

Matters Magazine is a quarterly publication about 'WHAT MATTERS MOST ON THE SUNSHINE COAST', it is all about education, motivation and connection for like minded business professionals and business owners. The major point of difference for the magazine is that it allows business owners to become the expert in their industry through writing a matters page or column on their area of expertise.  This gives them the credibility they need to set to stand out in a sometimes crowded marketplace.  Vickie has been in the advertising world for a sometime now, and has run the Magazine here on the Sunshine Coast for the past six years. Vickie shares that if someone is passionate about something and has the right attitude they can learn anything. She used this knowledge to learn the necessary skills to run the magazine.

Since inception in 2006, Business Matters Magazine NOW Matters Magazine has become a must read for local businesses, providing them with great development advice, financial insights and a host of contributing editor’s articles sourced from leaders in their field.

Matters Magazine has a specific target audience magazine on the Sunshine Coast for the printed magazine but takes the magazine Australia wide through this website! Business Matters is every business’s ultimate FREE guide to dealing B2B (business to business).

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Suite 18/21 Nicklin Way, Parrearra, Queensland 4575, Australia

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